Why In The WORLD WIDE WEB: Stacy Stilwater

By Brandon Roach June 22, 2012


Why did you pursue schooling in the IT field?

1.    Computers and business was to me, the wave of the future.

Where do you see the Internet going in the next 5 – 10 years

2.    More commerce and collaboration.

Anything special about the Internet

3.    Wish I could warp through it.

What was the first website or memory of the web you have

4.    Yahoo, first website.  Google was a godsend and still
remember the first time using it.

Top 5 sites/apps

5.    Top 5; Google, stumptown footy, weatherspark,

Must read Blogs

6.    Darren Hardy, Seth Godin

Browser OS you use most Business & Personal(if different)

7.    IE 8 at work, Google Chrome at home

Top Used Tool on your computer

8.    Best – least talked about tool is Windows Explorer (file
management).  Most used program is Excel.

Hated Tool/Program or anything about your computer

9.    Least favorite is seeing my memory peg out at 100%.