SEO Going Organic is Really Good for You

Organic is our focus for the SEO services we provide. We take a thorough approach to implementing optimization services for our clients.

  1. Our code is all written by hand and very lean and mean. We focus on loading a page as fast as possible. It takes a little more work, but the professional results are worth it.
  2. We have an exhaustive list that is applied to your site that is not limited to but includes length of domain, keyword density on a page, authentic content, and many more…
  3. Social Integration, we survey tools you use and suggest tools you should currently be using and integrate them into the look and feel of your website to keep content fresh and relevant.
  4. Maintain a mutual keyword list that is built and prioritized by collaborating with each other.
  5. Free installation of Google Analytics and password to the account.

Benefits of an optimization plan:

When one of your search items are down in the search engine you have a phone number to dial for us to fix it.

Develop a SEO plan that actively keeps growing your business over the web.
Know that your website is constantly being worked on.

Optimization defined – Cirv adheres to set standards by W3C, Web Standards Project, Web Content Accessibility, and groups who are formed to make the web a better place. We also follow search trends and keep of with current technology to keep our websites optimized. Cirv Web Studios is able to achieve excellent search ranking by adhering to standards. Many steps need to be taken by a company to maximize a website’s success. CONTACT US TO SET UP AN OPTIMIZATION PLAN:


  • A checkpoint list developed by Cirv that we take your entire website through to achieve optimal success
  • We go through your site and minimize unnecessary code and streamline your multimedia
  • We come up with a plan based on your site and a need analysis to place your site in the right areas to get seen by the right people; We also suggest an aggressive ad-word campaign based on the criteria we come up with to market your website

A major part of search engine performance is the quality of your website. Designing for performance. Adding best practice development based on current W3C standards. And developing a responsive website that adapts to all environment potential users are viewing your site with.

Everybody else is doing it, I need to do it. How do I get on the search engines? How do I get this term to number 1? Am I losing tons of business?

Let;’s get familiar with two approaches: Organic and PPC (Pay Per Click). Organic would be how you currently pull up on the web without doing anything. To improve these results there are many things you can currently do to your website to affect search engine results.

PPC would be a method to pay to get people to come to your website through search engines, web banners, or other paid partnerships.

For me the organic approach is the best way to go in most cases. There are some highly competitive words and phrases where this is nearly impossible no matter what anyone might tell you.

By organic you are making a commitment to have quality content built and added to your website on a consistent basis. There is a huge opportunity to link many tools to your website and help you add content on a consistent basis.

A lot of time when I go into clients offices they have content sitting all over their office that can be useful on their website. Information that is useful to potential customers, current customers, vendors, and other business relationships.

Building an effective link network to your website is vital. Most importantly you want to make sure that links back to your content line up with the content you are serving.

Again The Internet series is meant to be a primer and I will go in depth on each of the topics expressed above at a later date.