Visual Website CSS Design

Brownstone Homes  (updated: Please keep in mind this was done back in 2007)

Visual website – A very high end marketing firm from Seattle was hired to create a brand campaign. While their website and SEO knowledge was limited.  Brownstone chose the firm based on award winning design that was done for their billboards, postcards, posters, etc.  They asked if the company would give us a visual website design then could we create a website that was pure CSS.  The website also had to be compatible across all browsers. Cirv responded with design your hearts out and challenge us. This has led to one of the most layered sites via design we have had the opportunity to complete.  The results were exactly what was on paper and every browser could access a transcended CSS website. Amazingly not one table was used in the design and all pages were validated using current CSS validation.

Visual Website

A visual website does not mean that it has to be flash driven which use to be the case.  With technologies such as HTML 5, CSS Website design, jquery, and many more.  Developers can now create visual websites that are attractive and draw the user into the content.  Designers can have control over how content is laid out thus avoiding pages with no paragraphs and tiny fonts throughout the web page.

Cirv utilizes grid system design.  Grid system is a proven foundation for laying out content for end users to easily understand and consume data.  A visual website goes far beyond aesthetic. Delivering consumable content to the end user.  As we design the html and css for menu lists, content lists, page header graphics, and other design elements, always considering the spacing, grouping, similarity, and overall visual logic of the patterns. Providing easily seen structure, not confusing detail.

Cirv created a custom SEO plan for Brownstone to reinoforce currrent efforts selling their neighborhood’s in creative ways with a down economy.  Part of our marketing plan also covered three microsites that all hit different buyers extending overall SEO strategy.