Website Software

Website software was existing for a company called They came to Cirv in need of a total upgrade so the application could be built on a scalable platform handling the amount of traffic that video brings. Bright cove was chosen as a solution provider for the video hosting. Cirv re-wrote the program from the ground up.

Delivered to hospitals across the globe, the Stream Med product for Krames is an important digital integration to their portfolio. They produce high quality educational videos that stream on demand for doctors to prescribe to their patients. This informative approach has revolutionized the way we are educated about procedure we might have to go through. This is more than just playing a video, part of the problems faced were being able to have a human being and point to an area and the search display relevant videos for that part of the body.

Cirv was called in to complete an unfinished project regarding main product. Servers and legacy software had to be sorted out and customers were all using existing technology. As the web video platform has changed drastically over the last decade, it was a necessity that upgrade there technology to handle the robust changes that were going to happen in the product development cycle.

We had the challenge of making everything upgrade while active customers were still using the older platform. Today Krames owns and it is now called Streamed. They are now deploying all customers to the 6.0 platform.

streaMed Hospital is a comprehensive, on-demand patient education solution for use on computer systems, intranets and designated “kiosk” computers at nursing stations, health resource centers, medical libraries, exams rooms and designated consumer health education environments in hospitals.

streaMed Hospital utilizes existing computers within these various environments to create focused patient and consumer health education computer systems, intranets and “kiosks”.


streaMed Hospital features the multimedia, multilingual streaMed library which includes 400+ patient education videos, 1450+ handouts, 65 instructional animations and over 390+ of the best health websites, incorporated into an easy-to-use software application for your computers and “kiosks”. Many of these educational resources are available in up to 9 languages, regularly updated, and based on the best clinical evidence available. Branded user interface and handouts will extend the reach of your education efforts into your patient’s homes and the community at large.


streaMed Hospital significantly reduces the time needed to manage a large library of patient education materials. Since all content is regularly maintained and updated, educators and librarian can focus more on the patron, rather than managing materials. The website software is accessible on most devices and patients can access vital information from their homes.

streaMed Hospital also simplifies the management of health information resources and increases the quality of information that patients receive as part of their overall health care visit. A large library of educational resources will save your staff time by streamlining the patient education process. Better educated patients have been shown to have improved health outcomes and increased satisfaction with their health care experience.


The standard use of streaMed Hospital is to print evidence based patient education handouts for patients to read and take home with them after their visit to the hospital. Not only will the patient receive a great educational resource that is branded for your hospital, but they can also use that handout and its associated Information Prescription™, to access an accompanying handout or video topic from their personal computer at home following a visit.