Handcrafted Application

A handcrafted application should match the way you run your business, not change how you do business. This is one of the philosophical approaches we take when building software for your business. Your software should adapt and grow with you. Cirv writes all american handcrafted code for each client we do business for.

This is a meshing of the minds approach that we have seen produce the greatest results. You have put years into your business as Cirv has its, we know the A-Z with websites and converge with your experience to bring forth a solution that will increase productivity, save time, and make money.

Handcrafted Application Defined – Applications that are delivered anywhere via the internet. They are built to be used with any computer with an internet connection. Web Apps tie into your current business software and let you access vital data in one central location. Web Apps are systems that make your business more efficient and deliver critical information to others over your handcrafted application.


  • Address multiple types of users with different information needs and visualization requirements
  • Present multi-dimensional data sets in an intuitive, logical, and visual way that is accessible in one location
  • Provide sophisticated yet easy-to-use reporting tools
  • Deliver responsive and interactive tools that retain visitors to your website and increase cross-promotion

If you are looking at developing an application that is delivered over the web please contact Brandon Roach and he will discuss the steps we take and hopefully start a fruitful relationship.

Do you have software in your organization that you would like to extend. Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate on whether or not we can help you.

Cirv has always kept true that anything can be built. Custom applications are an extension on how you run your business already. Then taking everyday usage and always improving workflow. There are many companies that can be as agile as thinking if my software did this it would save me a lot of time, and calling their software vendor and having that become reality.

Cirv has been responsible for building many enterprise applications over the past 10 years and we are putting that experience into building a better relationship for us and our clients. If you have an idea for a killer application I would love to hear your pitch and sit down with you and see if there is a reality for us to be both working together.

Our basic belief is that you know your business and we know ours. Your business is important and we will never pretend to know more than you do. Cirv will sit down and learn as much about your process and needs. Successfully bringing this relationship together brings better software than any box solution could ever provide. We have seen this happen many many times. Through the discovery process ideas will come that either party could have ever imagined. It takes the confluence of each of our expertise to produce this. The results our cost and time saved which affects building a better business.