Rich Internet Application

A Rich Internet Application worth doing – finally a golf project.

One of the funnest application designs that we have ever collaborated on was this project. The client came to us wanting a promotion set up for their sales staff. They had an existing database that tracked all sales data by the sales team. So we took metrics that showed the sales team exceeding goals and gave a score that corresponded to a golf score which is negative. For twelve weeks a prize was given every Friday at noon to the weekly leader. Then over the twelve week period a grand prize champion who had the cumulative lowest score was given a vacation to Hawaii. Every day they could log in with their email and check out a live leaderboard.

The web development only took us two weeks to complete, test, and launch.

Cirv was hired by the teams designer and we collaborated for a successful rich internet application boosting team morale.

A broad definition of a rich internet application is it is software that connects users over a network.  That network can be desktop, intranet, or internet centric.   A RIA can combine any of the three fore mentioned networks.  The purpose is to give users access to computer hardware of intensive parts of the application. To deliver vital information to them while they are on a mobile device.  Any updates being made would reflect on all networks.  For heavy security an intranet only RIA might be the choice to be deployed.

Rich internet Applications offer organizations a proven way to deliver applications with business benefits:

  • Offer users a richer experience that engages them in new ways with the same content.
  • Cost Effective as time is reduced and processes are speeded up.
  • Keep pace with users’ rising expectations.
  • Increase customer loyalty generating higher ROI.
  • Leverage existing assets including personnel, processes, and infrastructure.