WordPress Website

WordPress websites are a beautiful alternative to that website that you have always wanted to update, but never got around to.

WordPress websites have come a long way in the last couple of years and has made vast improvement for you to actually make a nice functional website out of. You will have a login and easily be able to update all of your web pages yourself. Just as easy as sending an email.

Cirv specializes in the following WordPress website services:

WordPress Designing

Ask us to design and develop a website that runs on WordPress, and you will get a customized website that matches your existing branding. You will all of a sudden have a powerful platform to build on to increase your marketing efforts.

Photoshop to WordPress Service

If you already have an inhouse designer or one that works with your team we work great with designers. Have them provide us their existing photoshop file and we will turn it into a full fledged website.

WordPress Customization

Customizing WordPress to suit your requirements was never done so professionally and neatly. If you have an idea that you would like your WordPress to do for you and can’t find a solution Cirv can help and provide custom programming for that solution.

WordPress Module Development

Want a feature that is not a part of Magento package? Don’t bother! Our WordPress Developers will customize WordPress (without playing with the core files) to make it happen for you.

WordPress Upgrade Service

Always have the newest software that has those features that will move you forward. Cirv provides secure updates and migrations to the latest platform.

WordPress website Maintenance and Support

Some people just don’t want the hassle of handling outages and network problems. Let us take that headache away from you. We thrive on keeping our sites up and running just like the electricity in your business.

WordPress website Bug Fixing

If your site is not working it is nearly half of our new clientele, we can help you get up and running in no time. Just give us a call and we will consult you on next steps.

WordPress website SEO

Cirv knows the A – Z of search engine optimization it is our business and we make it personal when things aren’t performing. We can help you move forward in your target categories to bring in more business.