Website Development

Our approach to website development is to set up a relationship with you. Like anything that grows, it starts out small and needs lots of attention to details. Think of it like grafting two variety of fruits together that makes the fruit even better. Relationships are one of the cornerstones of our business. Knowing our clients makes coming to work that much more fun.

After an initial meeting and getting an overview of your company. Cirv has an internal evaluation process and we propose best hosting and maintenance for each project. We will layout pros and cons of different environments and let you choose. Not only keeping in mind what you need now. More importantly always thinking of scalability in the future for maximum users and bandwidth. Also taking into consideration technology it is written on..

Website Development

Cirv writes handcrafted code from the ground up for the projects we take on. You can be assured your code is unique to how you run your business. Just as you set up systems in your company, the code we write are systems to help your business become more efficient. Software is a must for any business and who you choose as your vendor is a big deal. Our web development is top notch and followed by proven processes that help us deliver websites on budget and schedule. For your next project consider Cirv on your team.

For each project Cirv goes through our internal discovery phase. We present a plan for your website development and work with you to make it a reality. I have the notion that no website is ever finished. Cirv provides a road map for evolution. Your website becomes another vital part of your business. Continuing to build tools that make your team more efficient and extend added value to existing and potential customers.

Cirv will walk you through the technologies we suggest and why. Then we will get hard at work for your website development. Making your project a reality.