Beyond WordPress

By Brandon Roach May 17, 2013

There is something about sitting down with somebody and learning how they do things that invigorates me.  Just a little different thinking here and there leading to great differences in success.  Cirv’s part of the picture is to say your website should be the same way.  Don’t sit down and brainstorm your website and be confined with this is how it has to be.  Sit down and say this is how it needs to be.

Cirv website agency brings that to the table.  We hear your ideas and the way you do business and offer suggestions to our clients of building it into their website.  Wordpress is a powerful platform especially when you start diving into the plethora of plugins available.  Sometimes every box solution available cannot make up for original thinking.  Our approach is to sit down at the table and talk about the best way to solve a business problem and build a solution for it.

Don’t fear if you have a wordpress site and think that you are stuck luckily there is a lot of evolution that has happened.  Cirv can go beyond WordPress and implement your process directly into the content management system that has made WordPress so powerful.

Cirv can work with any design you have and build it directly into the WordPress engine.  Having the best of both worlds you can update and control your content while having it look exactly how you want it.  Oh, yeah we can make that responsive also.

If you have a web designer and have website needs that go beyond their current offerings give us a call and we can help out.  We will give you an estimate and see if we can work together.

A big benefit of going beyond WordPress is unique branding opportunities.  A one of a kind experience for your user.  You can take a well built out WordPress website and add custom functionality that reflects a unique opportunity for your visitors.  Whether you are educating them about a product, driving them to a form to collect information, or getting them to buy something from you.  It is a strong strategy to have a unique experience that sets your company apart the same way it would as if they talked to you in person.

A better web,

Brandon Roach