Website Design

When website design is not just design. This is where a lot of people need education, there are a lot of artists that can design very well, but adapting to the web is a science. There are many details that need to be followed. It is very easy to get a design on the web, but it is a discipline to do it following modern web design standards. A few things that cannot be overlooked is the need to know code, you need to know your audience, you need to know accessibility, and you need to know search engines. These to me are more important than the design itself. Just as it is a discipline to make a ten story poster in downtown appear attractive, the same is true for a website that covers all the needs any user coming to it will have. Most automated systems break all the rules also.

Fluid designs that are adaptable to change.
Tools that let you update your own website.

Design is an essential part of every website. Cirv’s approach to design is two-fold. Cirv Website Agency adheres that design and development can coexist. We strive to blend these two ingredients into every project delivered. What we have seen from other companies is that they compensate one way or the other. Bringing a balanced approach featuring an easy to use website with stand out characteristics to the end user.


  • User Interface Design is a simplistic approach resulting in an easy to use website
  • Website Design and usability are of equal importance. Cirv values both and strives to make your site coexist with current marketing efforts while focusing on making sure it works
  • Cirv Website Agency sits down with you to come up with site design requirements that match with existing marketing efforts and set a standard that will easily be matched down the road

Responsive Design is enabling all users to have access to your site. With today’s access to the internet there are hundreds of devices that are accessing your web presence. It is vital that potential customers can access pertinent content on their first visit to the site. Likewise you can deliver critical information to existing customers.

Adaptive Design is a fluid approach where you can take the corner of your browser and shrink the page and watch all elements move as you squeeze them.

Mobile Design is a standard width that all major elements fit on your mobile web devices. It is important when designing for mobile devices that design starts with mobile standards first and then modified for bigger screens.