Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting Overview

There are a wide variety of hosting and maintenance options available to you.

Shared Hosting is a low-cost option to host your web site or application. Your web site’s pages and images are stored on a shared-use server, one where dozens or even hundreds of other customers also host their web sites. The web server directs incoming visitors to the appropriate customer site based on the domain name. Having many web sites on a single server greatly spreads the hardware costs out among the various customers. Shared server hosting plans are very reasonably priced and are an excellent way to set up and begin growing your web presence.

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Virtual Hosting, also known as VPS or “Virtual Private Server” Hosting and maintenance, offers a nice compromise between Shared and Dedicated Hosting. Like Shared Hosting, your web site resides on a server with other customers. The main difference is that a percentage of the server’s resources such as CPU, memory, and hard drive are explicitly reserved for your web sites. In addition, your files are hosted on a completely separate, or “virtual” partition, one equipped with it’s own operating system instance. This separation also isolates the customers from one another and prevents any single customer from over-taxing the server.

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Dedicated Hosting is exactly what is sounds like. A separate, dedicated server is set up and maintained specifically for your company’s web sites and applications. There are no other customers on your server, and the hardware specifications of the equipment can be tailored to your exact needs. While more expensive than Shared or Virtual Hosting, Dedicated Hosting gives you complete control over server security and lets you harness 100% of the server’s processing power.

Dedicated Hosting pricing plans and additional details

Additional Hosting and maintenance Capabilities

In addition to the above Hosting Plans, Ayera can accommodate your specialized hosting needs, including some of the following additional services:

Collocation. Whether you are looking to collocate a single server or multiple racks, our data centers can host your own equipment. If you own your own hardware, we can provide a safe, secure, temperature controlled environment along with direct high-speed internet connectivity.
Disaster Recovery. Our datacenter provides a perfect answer for your Disaster Recovery needs. We can assist you with application, data, and file replication from your business or corporate servers to standby-servers on our network. This gives you the ability to resume normal business operations and safeguard your critical data.

Off-Site Backups. We have terabytes of available storage for your critical business data, and can tailor an off-site backup plan to ensure data preservation.

Media-Streaming. Our internet connectivity can provide ample streaming capabilities to your audio and video files, preventing you from overwhelming your own corporate internet circuits.
Email Hosting. We provide robust corporate email service which can be managed using our easy-to-use Control Panel. POP3, IMAP, and Webmail are all supported, as are mailing lists and server-side out-of-office announcements.

Database Services. We have dedicated DBA staff who are experts at setting-up and maintaining mission-critical corporate databases and reporting services. We support a variety of database technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, MySQL 4.x and 5.x, Oracle 10i, Sybase, and many others.