Form on Website

By Brandon Roach June 7, 2013

Creating a custom form on your site is seriously only a phone call away. 877.944.6006 or [email protected].

Having a custom form on website allows you to capture unique data and store it for future use.  Using it for company inquires is a big one websites don’t even take advantage of.  Example: Having an easy way for customers to interact with your company is a catch all for anything a customer might want or need from your company and you can be sure that the need is being met.  There is just no way to offer an answer to every question possible so why not have an easy system to hear from users interacting with your company.

Another great use of a form is if you have a new page that is driving a lot of traffic you can set up a form to collect data that can take that page and make it more useful driven by your customers ideas or find out extra needs and wants for service, products, FAQ’s whatever it is.

Having a custom capture for popular product releases to notify customers of exact date product is coming out.  Forms can be driven to simple systems such as email or text.  Too complex databases that actually can build data from your website via user input.

Part of Cirv putting up a form includes well thought out validation.  Making sure the box slightly highlights while your mouse is in it.  If the page is for customer capture we set up the cursor to start out in the form where you want it to.  A calendar for each date field that has smarts of it’s own.  Cirv focuses on the user and tries to eliminate any possible errors we can.  This way the data has a very high rate of being correct.

Popular uses of forms to integrate into your website:

Email Newsletters (signups)

Event Registration



Service or Product Inquiry

Notification of availability

A Better Web,

Brandon roach