WHY In The WORLD WIDE WEB: Riley Watkins

By Brandon Roach December 14, 2010


Why are you a Developer.
I got into making web pages as a kid in 1999, when we still had dial-up internet. I loved the fact that you could make something and show it to anybody around the world so easily. I see myself developing for the web for the foreseeable future because the web is expanding so rapidly in many directions that it’s hard not get excited about

Where do you see the internet going in the next 5 – 10 years
One area that I see growing in the next few years is the automobile industry. The cars we drive will soon be driving themselves, which in turn creates a whole new opportunity to be entertained or be productive while your own car drives you to work.

Anything special about the internet
EDITOR(Ask me a question and I can answer it)

What was the first website or memory of the web you have
The first memory I have of the web is AOL’s dial-up service. The internet felt like like such a fun luxury back then, when the phone line was tied up while you played games online. Now the web is a commodity, and we’re always connected to it.

Top 5 sites/apps
Some of my favorite sites as of late are Hacker News, Reddit, and Stack Overflow.

Must read Blogs.
Joel on Software, Coding Horror, Rands In Repose, TechCrunch, Engadget/Boy Genius Report/Gizmodo, Joe Stump (stu.mp), Seth Godin, The Onion, etc.

Browser OS you use most
Google Chrome on Windows 7  See Reference to What Cirv Does?