Why In The WORLD WIDE WEB: Micah Githens

By Brandon Roach January 17, 2011


Why are you a Developer

With minimal resources you can create flexible tools that are utilized in everyday life.

Where do you see the Internet going in the next 5 – 10 years

Devices connecting in new ways never before possible without programming and accessible Internet.

Anything special about the Internet

E-Harmony. It’s where I met my wife.

What was the first website or memory of the web you have

A bulletin board system allowing me to get the latest software for my cutting edge dos system.

Top 5 sites/apps

Must read Blogs

Whatever my Adobe news aggregator is serving up at the time.

Browser OS you use most

Chrome: For it developer tools, extensions, and ability to drag tabs around without reloading. (i.e. videos will still be playing while you drag and not start over.)

Top Used Tool

Flash Builder or DreamWeaver

Most Hated Tool/Program

The big blue E Internet Exploder