Why In The WORLD WIDE WEB: Brandon Roach

By Brandon Roach June 8, 2012


Why did you pursue schooling in the IT field?
Since I was a kid i have always wanted to do something with computers and did not know about websites at the time.  When I learned that anyone in the world had access to websites.  That was my AHHHHHHHH moment and I have never looked back since.  I found a graduate program that accepted by Bachelors and forged full force into IT.  What’s the saying do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life, it is close to that, but I definitely love what I do.
Where do you see the Internet going in the next 5 – 10 years
Mind control over the world (J/K, Not really)  We will see the desktop and local installation disappear with almost every tool we use.  Most software will be subscription based and you will not own a license, but have upgrades that happen all the time with that lovely fee.  Storage will not be local.  Any programs still on a local office environment will have their last days.
Personally I think there will be a tool that can surpass facebook that will give users the option of privacy.  What i mean by this is we will not quit sharing online, but will have control over if we permanently what to get rid of content that we have posted.  If I had facebook when I was in high school I would regret a lot of stuff that they would keep on their servers that they now own.  So a tool will address that.

Also I think we will see universal logins for everything we do from banking, loans, social sites, to shopping.

Anything special about the Internet
Connection to the world and the ability to obtains information on anything.  If I get into an argument the proof is only a few seconds away.  (from a name of an actor in a movie, to any facts you can think of) Very incredible.

What was the first website or memory of the web you have
1984 my grandpa took me into the depot and showed me him chatting with another depot 120 miles away.
Top 5 sites/apps
Google.com (gmail, drive, search)
Mind Meister
(Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)not in that order  and yes I use them at the same time.
Must read Blogs
Soccer City USA
Malcolm Gladwell
Funny or Die
Browser OS you use most Business & Personal(if different)
This varies it’s amazing what does and does not work in each browser, this is an entire article.
Top Used Tool on your computer
Photoshop or Illustrator
Hated Tool/Program or anything about your computer
Two Hobbies
Biking and the Timbers Army