Internet Marketing 101: Build Web Pages

By Brandon Roach January 8, 2011

Build Web Pages

Build it

No …the web is not just a place for a bunch of static sites for small business’s.  The businesses that get the idea of this concept will move forward past there competition a lot faster than their competitors.

You need to constantly build your website (Don’t give up on this article yet).  

Two things (Out of 100 examples I can name about three that have done this successfully on there own)

1. You do need to have a great Web guy.

2. You do need someone to write great content. (If you don’t have the time, pay someone.    It’s worth the ROI)

Build Web Pages

Disclaimer: Yes I own a web development company that’s expertise align with both of these point and can set up an affordable plan to meet your company’s needs. The expense, in most cases is well below any marketing efforts you’ve done in the past. With the exception of those of you who do not have a marketing plan in place.

Most companies get tangled up on the issue of content.  I challenge any business to give me a call and I will show you that there is ways to develop valid content specific to your business. Your customer base will find it as a useful resource regarding your services or products. As a client they are gathering information on using your service or product or using someone else.  One example for you is the place I’m located right now. I am sitting in a coffee shop, I looked at their website and it is a very nice design.  It is about a 5 page website, I could make it a 50 page website easily! That would greatly expose them over their competitors and give them a lot more visibility to increase their client base in there locale.

The problem when you don’t have dedicated people doing this, you get excited about putting good content up one time, but as you grow this tasked always gets pushed to the side and then the site becomes stale especially if you are getting a following.  Once you get the following the challenge is to always engage the audience with fresh content so they keep following and sharing there experience to people they encounter.  Once content becomes stale your audience will start to fall off.  This audience is hard to get back so don’t fall in the trap of not delivering something to your audience.  This is why a dedicated team (person) is needed to keep your content fresh and allow the following to continually grow, this will open up many avenues for your business to grow into.

There are so many mediums to help achieve excellent content, it is crazy.  Ten years ago it was a lot more time consuming to put content in front of an audience.  Nowadays you can use photos that automatically post to your website this produces fresh content.  With all the camera phones and devices out in the consumer space there is no excuse for not providing your audience with something.  Now sticking with the example above and using a coffee shop, fresh content could be a new design that was created as one of the Baristas poured the milk into a latte.  


It’s this easy.  It engages people to come to your business and of course if you are located in Portland if you plan to get into the coffee culture just by this picture it will showcase the talent and expertise of your Batista’s.


Here’s to the build,