The Cirv Herald 1210

By Brandon Roach December 14, 2010

Good month to you Cirv United,

Cirv hopes all had a good 4 day holiday and it kicked off the season for you and those you hold closest.  Brandon cooked his first duck and it was smokn, because of the new smoker he picked up last summer and for all the traditionalist the turkey was served smoked also.

As we venture into sailing the endless seas of the social awareness on the internet, we are really liking twitter for keeping customers up to date.  One big reason is that there is no login, people can see your tweets right away with a simple address and you can even tie that into your website to keep your website fresh and updated.  Always keep this in mind, make sure this is served with quality content that your base customers would actually want to keep up with.  Usign twitter is a great tool to keep up with everything your business is doing and have an automated list that your clients can view.  For in depth content or images it is useful to link back to items on your website, articles you have found intriguing on the web that help educate your clientele about your business, or special offerings you are announcing to the public.

For help building social awareness into your website plan please contact Brandon Roach. (503.522.1821)

WHATS CIRV DOES:  If we were to endorse a browser it would have to be the behemoth put out by the double O.  Over here in our studio we seem to prefer the Chrome browser in the browser wars.  Google’s chrome browser is a bit faster than all the rivals out there and they are quick to support standards set out by W3C.  There is automatic updating for flash which is a real plus as it is a pain to always run into that app that you have to take time and go through an update process and hope you don’t have to restart your computer.

TECH OF THE MONTH:(Holiday Edition)  It will be awhile before you see us promoting the 3d Tv so not this year.
RILEY:My phone contract is up, and I could really use an iPhone 4. I expect the iPhone 4 to be the hottest-selling gadget for Christmas this year, and for good reason. It is considered by many to be the best smart phone on the market at this point. The new Windows Phone 7 looks really slick too, but personally I would have to give it 6 months to a year to build up a decent selection of apps before I bit the bullet and got one for myself. The iPhone’s app market is the most mature, which makes it the best option for me this year. Oh, and the 960×640 screen resolution doesn’t hurt either 🙂
EDITORS NOTE: (It’s all about the new Retina display it makes this piece of tech above and beyond in its class)
MICAH:  Somehow with the new marriage and all he did not have time to look at new gifts (yeah right)  I did verbally get out of him that it would be nice is a light that acts like true sunlight on the desk.  It’s supposed to be healthy or something, bug him for not getting a good paragraph about it.
BRANDON: I’ve owned a PS3 since it came out and the signature game after three years of promising a release just came out.  Grand Turismo 5, so for the Holidays hopefully I will be testing out over a thousand cars on the best driving simulator around.  They even put in Nascar.
NOTE:(I got the steering wheel last year, but no game)

Here is to growing together for another month as always please let us know how we can make this content tailored to those who are reading it and what advice we can start to add in a monthly column.