The Cirv Herald 11 2010

By Brandon Roach October 30, 2010

Hello World or at least the Cirv United,


Cirv’s first of many attempts to WoW you and keep your eyes locked on our intriguing communication called a newsletter.(By the way any and all feedback is very much appreciated, like features or articles you might want to see from your website vendor.)


Please check out Brandon’s first attempt at a blog and hopefully a successful endeavor at his look at being Authentic appropriately entitled Authenticity’s Time.


Cirv would like to welcome the addition of the audacious programmer Riley Watkins (Look for an upcoming article featuring Riley titled “Why in the World Wide Web”, featured on the soon to be internationally famous Cirv Blog.) 


For all of you out there taking advantage of our optimization services look for new features and tips on how to become more successful in social media and tie it into our website growth plans we have for you. For those of you not taking advantage of our optimization plans please contact Brandon and see if there is one right for you.


What’s NEW:

A lot of buzz from this years Adobe MAX 2010 about the direction Adobe is going and getting behind with there suite of technology.(Once again photoshop still amazes with new features, in our opinion it has one of the best development teams in the world, they are always adding stuff that you wouldn’t even imagine possible.)  Tablets and TV surfing may be the way of the future according to a couple of presentations.


HOT TECH: (Brandon Roach)

I have to say as weary as I was when the gadget was released I am fully calling the Ipad the gadget of the year.  I am personally waiting for version two.  Usually with apple all the hard wear gets an incredible upgrade for the same price or even less than last year’s and the pest control has significantly reduced all those bugs.  But for something to take with you for quick access to information there is nothing in the same price range that even comes close, love my iPhone but that screen is still prohibiting for large amounts of data.


On a formal note we are taking are customers serious and as proof of that we want these newsletters tailored to making you and your business better.  Stated again any and all feedback will be very appreciated and as always we are looking forward to growing together.


The Cirv Team: