The Cirv Herald 0111

By Brandon Roach January 8, 2011

The Cirv Herald


Whattt?  2001, I mean 2011!!!  It’s too soon.  Well here we are, a new year, a fresh start for some.  Here is to starting off and let this year be better than the last while adding purpose to it.  Cirv is excited to still be doing exciting projects and staying on the forefront of technology.  While things are getting more main streamed there are still a lot of exciting opportunities in custom websites and applications that continues to push the boundaries of whats currently in the market.  Our ambitions have always been to engage our clients applications in new ways and not just sitting down in a box of software that tells you how to work.  Part of our drive as Cirv is to tell software how it’s going to work by the way humans interact with business and everyday interactions.


Cirv is excited to announce a product we have just released into the public in partnership with Adventure on Earth.  We built a unique interface for RV Rental Dealers.  Sitting down almost five years ago with a local dealer ,we monitored the unique ways they set up there business to be the most efficient possible without any modern technology.  Everything was hand written on a long custom made chart for scheduling.  Quite complex.  After our initial review we recommended moving forward with a fully digitized solution to their business model.  They accepted and the rest is history.  A couple of years ago Cirv was approached with the idea to make this available to all Independent RV Rental Dealers and back to the drawing board we went.  Upgrading the server technology we were using, we took an approach to allow all RV Rental Dealers to use our software and make sure that we can continue to add industry leading features making this solution accessible to all the dealers.  A QUICK EXAMPLE:  With the current economy affecting those who have purchased an RV and people wanting to rent rather than by, we added a feature in the software to allow rental dealers to consign for people who own an RV and set there own percentages.  Whenever people want to know what they are owed all the reporting is set.  This was implemented in six weeks and has been a great advantage to the RV Rental Dealers using the software.


What Cirv Uses:

This is an (oldy but goodie) for Cirv, but one of the most used tools we recommend is eWallet.  This is a password manager for everything, by just remembering one master password (make it good).  I am pretty sure our database contains well over a thousand entries that we use a lot.  As the Holidays passed I am reminded of all those websites you might use once a year which forces you to have a password.  And the security always changes from wanting you to 

update it every three months 

or so to including a number 

or both a number and special character 

or special character and Cap 

or number and Cap, 

(you get the picture.)

I always have eWallet open and every time I make a password or update I start at eWallet and copy and paste it to the site.  I have made many phone calls to the eWallet developer over the past 7 years and I can say he is committed and tries to accommodate all the requests. To date it does almost everything I want and now is fully mac compatible.


This Month in Tech:

The CES show is looking really cool; This is the best news I have seen on the web about it.  One that I really like is that Garmin is relaeasing an iPhone App, which means probably will be releasing on the iPad also.  This is making my iPad2 feature list a lot more attractive.  I really don’t want to forced to carry a bunch of devices around.


I hope all had a wonderful New Year and here is to 2011 and improving together.


The Cirv Team