Small Business Marketing: Tumblr

By Brandon Roach March 29, 2013

Small Business Marketing: Tumblr

Small Business Marketing: Tumblr

If you are very successful at Tumblr or Pinterest it is a good idea to incorporate both into your marketing strategy.  Tumblr is unique in it’s place on the internet, think of it as micro blogging.  Doing a little more than you would with twitter.  Becoming widely popular for the 25 and under demographic.  (Wow can’t even consider myself close to that, very weird feeling.)  But can be a useful tool to incorporate visual messaging and inspiration into your brand.  Easily sharing from phones and other Tumblr blogs you can build up a following that extends your brand in a unique way.  Tumblr website marketing is driven by photos, quotes, and short paragraphs.  It is also a great tool for customers to ask random questions and you can answer them.  There is just no way to truly cover every customer question or concern in a FAQ.  This helps fill the gap for customer or potentials to get answers they normally wouldn’t.


If you are doing any video marketing Tumblr is an extension of that, simply embed the video link and push it to a Tumblr space to drive more traffic to your videos.


Unlike Pinterest you aren’t forced into one format you can greatly distinguish your brand with the many free themes available.  Opt to pay a little for one or entirely develop a custom theme for yourself.  For analytics tracking you can hook it up to a google analytics account to monitor traffic.


Tumblr website marketing is a great place to provide snippets of company information that can be linked back to your website.  This gives a whole new world for your services and products to be found while driving your existing search engine marketing efforts back to your website.  Another benefit is that Tumblr pulls up very well for organic search results and done right you can put your brand right on top.


Brands use Tumblr to create a community and to build a following fast with its quick and easy setup, seamless tagging and sharing capabilities. Existing brands also use the short-form blog to breathe life into content through a host of mixed-media that includes photos, links and video.


For Small Business Marketing: Tumblr

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