Match your Search Engine Message when Searched

By Brandon Roach November 30, 2012

Make sure you are making the most out of your messages.  If you get someone to your website with a particular search, make sure you are delivering results that are capitalized on.  Your messaging in search engine results should follow a correct action that is stated.  Below is  a great example of a targeted search.

Bad search engine message text results

Search Text Result: Get 25% off your RV Rental

Landing page message: Welcome to Bob’s RV Emporium

Good search engine message text results

Search Term: Get 25% off your RV Rental

Landing page message: Get 20% off your next RV Rental by clicking here or contacting us this way.

Seems obvious right? The problem is that most inbound traffic gets sent to company homepages where the search engine message is necessarily generic. Using a targeted standalone landing page is key to reinforcing the customer’s awareness that they are looking for the correct term.  This extends your current marketing efforts and adds trust to the end user.  They confirm that what they saw in a search engine message they will also see on your website.

Everything is changing now days and for the better. Website Development and Design companies are now forced to think about content and how it is delivered to the end user. This is how Google continues to win the search war is by giving the most relevant content available to the end user. If I search for something I am expecting to find it. Even if my phrasing is off the wall I still expect to get a relevant search result.

Bonus tip: By taking advantage of social media traffic, you can enhance the social message match by including social icons on your landing page to further reinforce trust between the source and destination. This adds another connection of interaction and deepens the online relationship between you and the potential client/customer.

A better website,

Brandon Roach