Pinterest Website Marketing

By Brandon Roach March 22, 2013

Pinterest Website Marketing

Pinterest Website Marketing

Pinterest for your small business gives you a chance to add personality to what you offer.

It’s a place to create demand, showcase content and drive new people to your website or blog.


Brands use Pinterest website marketing to build brand personality and inspire trends and influencers through instant social sharing.  Dialogue is generated through the simple act of Pinning, Repinning, Liking, and commenting on images. Pinterest presents a helpful tool for brand direction by analyzing what is frequently Pinned and why.


As a business, we love Pinterest because it allows us to create engaging, visual content and has been known to provide some high-quality traffic and leads. Plus, it gives an easy opportunity to show off a new side of any brand’s personality.


With over 400,000 visitors per month – and rapidly growing – Pinterest is a huge referral source for brands. Some major brands have reported that Pinterest drove more traffic to its website than Facebook has. Smaller brands should take note of successful Pinterest website campaigns, which curate photos of products that can be used in various ways — other boards can include fun photos of company events, personality and location.


If you do decide to incorporate Pinterest website marketing into what you are doing, be sure to set up your website for maximum benefit.  Make sure pages for your services and products feature a Pin It button.  Make sure you are set up with all of your other marketing efforts to automate the entire process.  Follow some people with similar interests to get your account started.  People will soon enough find you from your website.  If you run contests or specials make sure your Pinterest board reflects this.


What to avoid while using Pinterest


  • Too much text – don’t copy an entire article from a blog, use a creative snippet with a reflective picture to drive traffic to the source.

  • Use a little description unless you know for sure the picture says it all.

  • Bad linking make sure your pin goes to a source.  One of the worst mistakes any marketer or web gal/guy can do is to do bad linking.

  • Dull images the point of Pinterest is to provide visual stimulation

  • Wrong categorization – make sure content goes to the right board and avoid stuffing just one board


Why use Pinterest marketing for your business


  • a great visual tool

  • easy to share stuff – if your stuff isn’t on there your competitors will be

  • An extension of your brand to further it’s personality


  • Links built back to your page

  • Display ideas, products, and services in a new way

  • Inspiration


Ideas to get started


  • Images of products

  • Images of completed projects

  • Reviews or testimonials from your customers

  • Funny quotes related to business

  • Tips and tricks others about your business

  • Prices

  • Updates on current projects