Mobile Website it is a Must

By Brandon Roach January 18, 2013

Mobile Website

Mobile website for your company

Mobile Website

Remember when you realized every business needed a website just as they would business cards.  That is what the mobile website is becoming.  Realizing that majority of purchasers now have access to the internet on their phones, it is a must that they have access to your website through their device.

If you are redeveloping your website it is possible that your mobile website could be one and in the same.  Or you could create a mobile website presence based off of your current site.

Things to watch out for avoid any flash content and use modern methodologies to assure that it will meet all mediums.

Key Ideas for a mobile website:

  • Be sure you have an easy to read message easy navigation for touch screens.
  • A phone number you can touch and call from your phone. (this is such a pet peeve when people do not do this)
  • Nice search box that is easy to click into
  • Clear address,
  • Times of business (Even better put on an automatic button that also shows open or closed) If you offer 24 hour emergency support make sure this is clear to the user.
  • If you have very common questions asked over and over again easily link to a FAQ

Actually take a moment and think of the potential mobile website user in his/her car trying to get information about your business.  Hopefully they are parked, but they don’t want static graphics and address to pull up their mapping software and easily call for more info or if they are on there way home they can actually know if you will be open or closed.

Try using your own website on your phone and see if you can get necessary information about your business.  Most likely a user using a mobile phone is not doing research they just want vital information to move them along in their process with you.  Most of the information can be funneled down to a few things that can easily be displayed on a mobile device.

All new websites from Cirv include a responsive design option with them.  Basically what this means is you will get a mobile website with your website project.  This is the new website and all websites will need to start adhering to the mobile phone.