Handcrafted Code

The ability to be given a problem and come up with a scratch solution is a freeing notion. Many engineers have gotten used to making a lifestyle of doing things the right way. A lot of failure comes from being put into a box of not manipulating the problem. There are many adaptations that anyone can take, but being stuck with a set of rules blinds many genius solutions. The hot rod industry is a great example of this. Many hot rod enthusiasts are on the simple pursuit of more horsepower and speed over a set distance. They are forced to apply many varying adaptations to continually enhance performance. It’s a great way to see how many minds come up with many different solutions. From air reduction, varying weight placements in the car to reduce lift, to the thousands of different engine configurations to get those extra mph’s out of the engine.

Handcrafted Code we are artists not factories. Putting thought into something that will work better is a passion we are taking and code adheres to these same principles. This is what we put out, our art that we perfect each and everyday. Fingers using every button on a keyboard to evoke creation of a more effective way to do things. Every job we work on is unique and individualized for unique ideas that help people solve problems. Ingenuity that crafts work into a logical form.

Getting up in the middle of the night with the onslaught of something you have to try and see if it works, this is handcrafted code. Our minds will wake us up in the middle of the night and all of a sudden we figure out a problem. From there we are only left with two choices do it, or stay awake thinking about it. Of course get up and do it get it saved on that hard drive. Curse and blessing take it how you will I’ll take the latter. I am glad to be alive in this time. I can’t even imagine the world 20 years ago.

To get a problem solved only to sit around and have a team solution say it would be so much better if we could make it work this way. Yeah scrap what you have move forward on making it work the most efficient way possible. This is handcrafted code.

A new technology that gets released that will make an application faster, get more money from the client or offer a screaming deal it has to be done this is handcrafted code. There is no such thing as impossible just a continual problem solving approach to every problem. There is always a way to make it better.

Our impulsive desires to keep going driven that we never want to stop learning we are fueled by knowledge, caffeine, and ramen.

Our tools are always with us our ten fingers. Punch it into any apparatus possible.