Am I allowed to put Video on a website

By Brandon Roach June 30, 2012

Video on a website

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Video on a website, yes why not, why would you not. I have five video cameras I can use to easily add video to the web. One of the great things about YouTube, Vimeo or any other hosted service is that it has allowed for all companies to have an even playing field when it comes to creating content utilizing the video medium.

No longer do we need to create a professional commercial to get a message out using video. The YouTube effect has allowed even big corporations the record any event and post it on there website. Some even allow user generated content from shows or events and create sharing over multiple streams.

Content needs to be very personal and show a little character. It is easy if things are made up or original. Original no matter how cheesy still gains lots of views.

For major company products there is a great case to be made that each product deserves its own video.

Just the basics who/what/where/when/why. People are entertained to get to know the company they are purchasing from. Camelbak does an excellent job of this. They have two guys that are very reflective of what they are selling, just give you a visual background of exactly what you are buying. You get to see every function of the bag you are purchasing online. Talk about taking your online experience to another level. They end the videos with a lifetime guarantee. It takes a lot of guesswork out of what you are getting. For me I want to see every nook and cranny of a bag know what it is for. Video does this and I feel comfortable to buy.

If you are a consultant you probably have an elevator speech and basic presentation that you use when you meet prospective clients. You also probably have pitches for each of the items you sell to existing clients. Why not put that on video the exact way you would go into someone’s office. Now your prospects are one step ahead and if you are in their office it is pretty likely you are getting the job. You have to go in front of them anyway, video should be taken the exact same way. Just act like you are talking to the next client.

Video is an excellent way to extend content to your site and keep visitors viewing fresh content about your company. It allows them to get to know your company in new ways and extend your brand connection in deeper ways. There is no way to get away from it the web has driven us to know each other a lot more on the surface anyways. So as a business it is a must to connect in this way.

Keys to video:

  1. Making it personal – However you visit a customer or they visit you, your video should reflect this. Say hello, give them a glimpse of what they would see in person. People can tell imitation right away, but being authentic will keeping them going for more.
  2. Make it relevant – Don’t show or tell them anything you wouldn’t in person. Let them know your offering in a real way. Show them a glimpse of how you do business different.
  3. Develop a Format – Say you have ten plus videos if someone has gone through one or two and doesn’t have the time to scour every product, but knows the product they want, they should already have a good feel of what they want.
  4. Short and Sweet – Everyone is busy if someone wanted to sit through a long video you are competing with a lot of great content out on the web. My rule is you should be able to get a crystal clear though across in under two minutes.
  5. Don’t push everything – Aim to have your visitors leaving with one or two memories of what they watched, more than that you are playing with attention span that just isn’t meant for well anything. Even 30 minute sitcoms usually reign in with one or two overall themes, don’t believe me go look at the titles on IMDB of your favorite sitcom and most likely you will remember the episode by the one thought of the title.
  6. Consistency – Hopefully you can have a plan where you can release specific content on a schedule.
  7. Sound – Figure out an environment where you are heard clearly like in a conversation, avoid being too close to get away from the heavy breathing.
  8. Let your users decide when to play it, nothing worse than visiting a website and I get this blaring sound when I am in an environment where it is annoying.
  9. Synch with all initiatives you have going on example: twitter.

A Better Web,
Brandon Roach