Website Analytics for your Business

By Brandon Roach April 19, 2013


Analytics are to reach your end user.

Website analytics for small business. Analytics can be a very useful tool to judge effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.  It’s the adage if the phone doesn’t ring what am I listing my ads all over the place for.  Are you increasing business with existing money being put towards your website.

A couple of major results I like in our analytics is unique traffic and bounce rate.  Two questions I am always asking myself.  Can I get a unique visitor to my website? Can I get the visitor to dive further into my content?  By keeping a visitor on the site whether they know it or not you are creating digital brand loyalty.  By building loyalty: your product releases, updates, existing content become more likely to reach to the intended user.

Going one step further the more likely your product is to be pushed out into the social realm.  The gold of most internet marketers is to have marketing being pushed through user generated efforts.  Easily amplifying anything you could do on your own.

I have built a report dedicated to my landing pages.  It has been very interesting watching the most popular ways people come to the site.  Continuing to funnel them to desired website goals.

I actually review my SEO reports weekly and hold them to previous month and year.  This gives me a good review of consistent growth.  Some specialty days where I know we will get a lot of traffic I will take account for and thats why I have my yearly set up to see if we surpassed last years results.

This will become it’s own section on the blog.  It’s a start at how Cirv reviews our basic analytics.  This is a good stepping stone to get started if you haven’t been monitoring results for your own websites.  Once this gets started there is a lot more fun to be had to get exacting information on how a user views your site.  Then setting up goals on what action you want from a user and continually adjusting a plan around that.  Those are two things Cirv can help with so please don’t hesitate to call for a consultation.

A better web,

Brandon Roach