Twitter: Put it on any Website

By Brandon Roach January 9, 2013

Twitter on website

Twitter anywhere

Twitter on website

Already using twitter?  Put it on your website.  Extend the use and integrate their RSS feed straight into your website.  If you are updating twitter frequent content this will bring freshness to your website for repeat visitors.  Also by putting it on your site your customers/clients won’t have to remember your website address and your twitter handle.  Also works the other way around so double check to make sure your twitter account links to your website.

Now by taking advantage of a service you already use you can give visitors fresh content every time they come to your website.  For steps on using twitter there is this previous article; Small business’ should take advantage of Twitter on their website.

Cirv offers a service where you can style your twitter feed to match any look and feel you want.  Better yet you can have your users message you via twitter right from your website.  For a small fee Cirv has added this to our new Website Service Board menu.