Twitter Background Short “Twip” Friday

By Brandon Roach July 6, 2012

Twitter Background

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I don’t know how many of you have a twitter account, but Cirv has found it very useful at keeping all of our correspondence across the internet in one place. Wanted to talk about setting up branding for your account, while you can’t do just anything to your twitter account. The people at twitter have made it pretty convenient to customize your account to your companies current branding.

Cirv recommends that you get your own twitter background designed on the account and really make your account reflect your company. Cirv offers the twitter background service at a modest cost. Regardless if we do it or not it adds that extra touch that lets users know you are in the details. Creatively I have seen companies take up to 300 pixels on the left hand side, but with the average screen covering that area, my recommendation is 50 pixels that you generally get all down the left hand side.

Going into settings > design is where you can change the look of almost the entire account. Use your colors and plug them in where appropriate. Social accounts are becoming a necessity in today’s business world, but branding always has been. I think it is always vital to match your brand anytime possible.

Just a quick update reminder to put that extra touch on your account by adding a twitter background. As always contact for any advice on your current web initiatives or to have Cirv help out with anything you are doing on the web.

A Better Web,
Brandon Roach