Twitter To tweet or not to tweet, this is the ???????

By Brandon Roach June 15, 2012


Twitter to tweet

Twitter, Tweet, Tweet.  should you have a twitter to use with your website.  In one word: Absolutely.  Let’s go a little further here.  The last thing I want to know is an update every five minutes about your vacation and all of the food and drinks that you have had in a day, save that for weight watchers or your personal calorie counter.



One of the most under and over used uses for twitter is it’s linking ability.  My focus for each site is to set up a central depository for my audience to use as a information linking station.  My favorite feature of twitter is actually never having to tweet from twitter.  Almost all of my social interaction via tumblr, posterous, facebook, linkedin, newsletter, flickr, instagram,  all tweet for me.  So when I am doing one thing a tweet is sent out on my behalf.


I tell my clients if they want to know anything I am doing in my company to check my twitter and they can virtually have a link to anything we are putting out.  We have over seven systems of communication that all customers use one or the other, but twitter ties them all together and keeps links to everything we do in one repository.


For corporate website updates this can also easily be updated to shorten a URL to current website initiatives.

A Better Web,

Brandon Roach