The Intent of “IT”

By Brandon Roach January 4, 2011

Cirv blog NY

There are many different directions I can go with this, but I am hoping I can stay on a straight path to get my point across effectively.


I do believe in all we do there is intent behind it, from what you are doing exactly right now, to where you plan to where you plan to be in five years. The many things we do in a day will affect where we are tomorrow.  How you run your life and develop relationships all come from intent.  Building on this concept is that we all have a place we want to go whether we have spoken it or not.  It hits people at all different ages that  you want to be somewhere when you retire or have certain freedoms with your time in a day.  With modern technology it is possible to continue an occupation you have chosen and be very mobile.  Without intent there is no way to get to that place. 

Let me expound a little more before I bring this article to a close.  A very simple point to be made: You can’t get where your going, if you don’t know where you are going.  A must is to have a vision statement for your life with family, business, and whatever projects you take on.  Knowing your end goals will affect almost everything that you touch with your time.  It will affect people you associate with, what you do with your family, and when you give a yes or no in anything. 

A measurement needs to be set that can stand up against everything that is done in a day.  Upon letting the day go hopefully I can say I lived a full day and it moved my family, friends, and personal life forward.  All actions can be added up to bring a value of a life well lived.  Day by day bringing glory to not yourself, but by adding many values to all around.  A measurement of a life well lived is never to late, and when its said and done a legacy will be left.  A standard stamped out for your name that reflects the time spent on this planet.  What is it if only to be looked upon as dust, when many examples can be left that our lives put an imprint out for the next generation or even earth’s time. 

Intent is an affirmative action moving you forward with purpose, when opportunity arises you will be ready to take advantage of it knowing the intent of where it will get you. Opportunities arise out of no where.  When intent is lined up the decision will have already been made.  Great opportunity rises by actions that are made out of chaos.  These are the times that test whats in a man or woman.  I have seen many examples of success being made or lost in these times.  From what I can tell it comes down to who the person is who makes decisions in times of challenge. 

One of the best illustrations I have for this is the great analogy of david vs. GOLIATH.  I don’t know about you but if someone three times the size of me was attacking my friends and family and they were all retreating, it would take a great something inside of me to get involved with that fight, but young David did not have a second thought, if he did it was not shown in the story.  His first thought was that he is blaspheming my God and no one will do that.  No care in the world about himself only the fact that it is a no no to say anything about my God.  As the story goes he challenged the giant and took him down with a slingshot.  No matter your stance it is a great analogy for what is inside of a person and the response you will get. 

Talk about Chaos, David’s decision was not made that day, but made up by a series of things he did in everyday life leading up to the challenge, including the anointing by Samuel.  His decision was already made because of the life he led.  When chaos shows itself it’s time to live up to how you have been living.  David could of done nothing and the past would be entirely different, his legacy would be totally different as he was King and his son Saul followed in his kingship. 

Providing content with intent is a beautiful thing, you have the chance to move past yourself and inspire an audience.  To help move other people forward in their own lives.  Believe me I know that success starts to factor in to this whole intent thing, but what if we were able to re prioritize our lives to not be driven by the next pay check.  Set up a structure that is set up to living out passions that fulfill other peoples lives.  In most ways those people are more profitable in relationships and financially than others. 

Can intent be driven from the drive to make a better place to live for all and it actually leads to a new lifestyle not driven by robotics.  I have been fortunate enough many times to receive advice that has helped me out and gotten me out of ruts from people seeking nothing, but to help me.  I am very grateful and when this advice came I was ready to apply it.  One of the things I have stuck with is if you can focus on taking care of relationships the success will show itself.  Focus on building an infrastructure that takes care of the needs you fulfill in others.  I am a betting man and my money is on the fact that this will turn out to be successful for you. 

Yes I am saying that I would like to read exceptional pieces from peoples lives and learn something that I had no prior knowledge to.  It might be selfish, but I will do my best to give back. 

It is time I reflect back to the list I sat out ten years ago and see how I have let things go and update the list to reflect any new passions, goals, ideas I want to achieve and include ways to help others achieve theirs also.  Hopefully the next choice you make will be filled with intent that will lead to a legacy that will not be forgotten soon.  Ending here what do you want your legacy to be the decisions made today will clearly affect the outcome. 

With Intent,
Brandon Roach