Social Website Marketing: Maintenance to be Productive

By Brandon Roach May 10, 2013

For me updating social website marketing is something I like to do when I have down time.  Like waiting in the airport, for a meeting, or at the DMV ….uggh.  I maintain a list on Asana (there are lots of tools to use).  Then jotting ideas or moving on to ideas put on my todo list I update my account. I also have easy access for my team by using a master’s document.  But first things first.

Maintaining your social presence can be very easy by setting it up right. The first part of setting up a social ecostream is making sure you are able to easily flow when the time permits.  It seems every company requires a different set of rules for password strength.  So if you’re like the majority you have various passwords all manipulated from one password or you always have to be remembered.  Not that effective for a team.

An advanced system would be a scenario if you are on a different computer or clean your history you are asked to verify two security questions, verify a chosen picture and then put in your username and password for the site.  To simpler one input field (or none, yikes!) like your email or simple password everyone uses.  This is generally used to cut down on spam.

Let’s be honest at a company it is most likely various accounts were set up by various people as social sites became relevant for the company.  They probably have various emails associated with them to retrieve credentials.


Social Website Marketing made Easier:

Clean up time 3 things you will need:

1. Company Email that will be maintained (you can forward to other emails)

2. Company username (for those pesky sites that won’t let you use an email for a username)

3. Company Password (Secure but easy for everyone to remember)

In most cases your team can usually all edit and help clean-up information.  Assign the task to someone come up with one secure company password and go through and update every site at once.  Create new social accounts that are relevant to the business with the new password and username.

This should take one person no longer than 4 hours if the above three steps are agreed on.  Along the way update any company info on the sites and you are a step closer to becoming effective on your social presence.

Most likely your twitter account is not as powerful as the AP’s which got hacked April 2013 and sent the stock exchange in a downward spiral for a couple of minutes.  The goal here is to make the social sites part of your everyday ecosystem.  Following the three steps is a step towards that.  If you keep a master folder (I wrote an article on this)  putting your social presence out on the internet will be that much easier.  Inside of the folder should be a document that maintains every social site you use with username and password.  Include a link to the websites to make it even easier.  Once you start maintaining this document adding sites it a lot easier and changing the password on all of them would take less than an hour if something happened.

Security for storing the above information with more people involved generally is going to be at email level unfortunately.  Meaning if you can get into somebody’s email, most likely you will find passwords to the companies web presences.  The good part any one that did anything to vile can easily be tracked and if it does happen go back and repeat steps 1-3 and do updates along the way.  If you are really concerned about security you can use a program like eWallet (which I have used for over ten years) and keep all information for websites in there with a secure password to access the file.

A Better Web,

Brandon Roach