• SOCIAL SERVICES regarding the web
    • SI Social Icons $125

      Setup popular social Icons onto every page of your website. (Price includes 4 share icons and up to 12 pages, contact us for a easy quote for more pages or share icons.)

    • SSI Social Source Integration $180

      If you are already posting content to a social site such as a Twitter, Pinterest, or other avenues we can take that content and put it on a page within your website.

    • FP Facebook Page $90

      Includes a complete setup of a Facebook page representing your business. We require marketing collateral or website that you want to match the look and feel of your Facebook Page.

    • C Custom $195**

      Email a form on your website to collect data and be sent in a formatted email.

    • SN Sign Up For Newsletter $145**

      If you use a popular program we can collect data from your website and put it into your Newsletter applications database.

    • SFD Store a Form in Database or Exportable Format $245**

      If you have important data to collect, Cirv can help you set up a system that collects it and puts it in a useful format for later use.

    • PG Picture Gallery $195*

      Set up a custom picture gallery that you can upload, remove, or order images on any page.

    • V Video $45

      Insert videos that you have uploaded to popular programs such as Vimeo or YouTube onto any webpage.

    • L Logo $500***

      1 Consultation to go over Brain Boards and choose precise colors. From there we will provide 4 mockups choose one and go back and forth three times.

    • GMW Google Map on Website$45

      Let customers find you easier by having a map that pinpoints your location and is clickable to a map service so customers can easily drive to you.

    • SEW Search Engine on Website$225***

      Setup a search engine on your website where only results from within your site show up

  • SEO
    • 1PS 1 Page Search Optimization $225**

      Choose a page on your site and we will optimize it for three Key Words for a targeted landing page.

    • H5 Convert your site to be HTML5 compatible $225**

      Convert a flash page or page into HTML5 to be read by more browsers.

    • BC Business Cards $325***

      Price includes color printing both sides heavy Matte or Glossy stock Consultation and 3 mockups.

    • B Brochures$395****

      Create a custom brochure for a product, service, or company that you can hand out at tradeshows or your office.

    • FP Flyers, Postcards, Rack Handouts, Vehicle Magnet $275****

      Custom graphics based on a consultation meeting delivering marketing collateral for your office or next show.

    • BP Business Package $495**

      Create custom letterhead, business cards, and envelopes based on your logo, tagline, and company colors.

    • WFS Website from Scratch Like Nobody Else’s

      Custom website coded by hand. Your business is unique and your website should share that personality.

    • DD Display Data on your website from 3rd party source

      If you use any web-tools such as Facebook, twitter, blogging, or many more we can take that data and display it any way you want on your website.

    • CMS Content Management System

      You can update your website. Assign users to specific areas to update. Add plugins like newsletters, Facebook, custom databases and more. Cirv will sit down in a meeting and discuss the best option for your web project.

    • SEO Search Engine Optimization

      Need to be found for a particular search. Cirv can help set up a sustainable plan that will put you in front of your desired audience.

*This is the cost with no modifications anything past built software will be promptly quoted.
**This is an average price and will have to be quoted if any request are beyond basic services.
***Based on specs given anything added will be billed at current rate.
****Third Party costs not included