Organic and Sustained SEO Search Engine Optimization

By Brandon Roach May 3, 2013

Search Engine Optimization: A short view of methodology

All seo companies are not the same.  If you talk to a few of them it gets really confusing.  I spend a lot of time updating my skills and reading what others have to say about search engine optimization.  I would title the Cirv approach as a sustained and organic one.

I own and run a business.  I put extreme value in building and maintaining our brand.  If people suggest any changes I tend to get a little emotional because each piece of Cirv website agency I have put a lot of thought into.  I remember first coming up with the name for the company I felt so  vulnerable coming up with my own word for it, more of that in another forum.


Authentic content:  This should be a major theme for the development of any business.  If you have a business I guarantee that you have content that no one else has, no matter how competitive the industry you are in.

Long Term Strategy:  Getting search engines to find you is a major goal.  The cost of getting found should not get you penalized down the road.  Having been able to watch search engines from 2001 and on it has been quite a ride.  Watching google come out of nowhere and dominate big companies was a sight to see.

Part of that dominance is giving users results they want  If you can think of a phrase, term, or question, most likely you have a  good shot of finding content that is relevant or exactly what you were looking for.  I remember the first link farms and stayed away from day one.  It’s like the kid that alway learns how to cheat the system.  But honesty has a way of always wining out its just one of those laws like gravity.  On the other hand search engines do want to find you and there are sustained ways to make that happen and continue to grow your business.  All search engine marketing should be based around the long term growth of your business.  I can recount many stories of people waking up one morning to no longer being found on major search engines and their entire business model was effected.  They either did or had people become very affective at cheating the system and the results caught up with them.  Algorithm’s got updated and they were no longer to be found.

Engage in your Business:  The same way you would sale or pitch in your business is a great starting point to drive your search engine marketing.  All that effort that you put into explaining your business, needs to be thought out and developed into professional content that can be recycled and reused.(Remember this concept)

Plan:  This is where analytical thought is key measure twice, cut once.  Depending on what kind of budget you want to put out will determine the broad strokes of the plan that can be implemented.  We start small with most companies prove our worth and ask for more budget to increase internet marketing.

Accountability:  All the above has to drive results or it is time to move on and do something that is affective for the business.

Move Quickly:  If above steps were followed and search engines start not showing you it is fairly easy to fix the problem and update the website to get the results found again.  If a competitor gets above you in a key term it will be a lot easier to get you competitive again if SEO was built the right way.

Part of your Business:  An Extension of your business is any search engine marketing plan.  This should just be an arm to what you are already doing.  Building for reputation is an excellent strategy.  Whatever personality you reflect currently, your website and digital avenues should reflect.

Search Engine Optimization is growing and evolving every day.  I am glad to see Bing gaining traction as an alternative search engine.  I have no favor of one over the other, but I think more options is better for all of us.  At different times of the day I do different kind of searches at can’t stand google trying to give results based on history and profile of my login.