Meaningful website Links and How to Get Them

By Brandon Roach December 21, 2012

Meaningful Websites Links

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Meaningful website links

It’s pretty common to have someone mention your product or service online but not actually link to it. One thing to start doing is setting up Google Alerts, you’re bound to find lots of opportunities on a regular basis to get a link back to your website by simply asking someone who has mentioned you in their content to just add a link. If you change up your website, then you’ll also want to keep an eye out for link reclamation opportunities as well. These are two link strategies that should on-going for any campaign.

Also something important to mention is the manner that outside meaningful website links, link to your brand.  While linking to the exact wording of the product or service is nice.  You can gain extra points by actually having phrases link to you product or service.  For example if you were taken to our website using the phrase Cirv, that is good.  Better would be Professional web development taking you to  Avoid continual verbiage, but a short descriptive phrase can help out in the long run.

Everyone has webpages that are constantly being posted to.  Build relationships geared toward helping each other out.  Meaningful website links take a little extra work, but they resonate longer.

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