LinkedIn Business Page

By Brandon Roach June 15, 2012

Linkedin Business Page

Linkedin business page if you are not using it as a business professional you should be.  I am glad a company has focused and filtered out much of the spam and made a decent business networking network.


If  you have a Linkedin business page it adds value that can be utilized for all professionals.  First you must have a personal account and under that account you can start a business page.


LinkedIn business Page

It is easy to join relevant groups and get expert advice on just about anything.  Some groups you have to request an invitation to.  Linkedin has done such a good job at attracting the business professional that most groups are now becoming open and self policing.  It is easy to keep up on relevancy with modern technology in the industry you are in.  If you are an individual who already leads a group this is a perfect place to take your groups to another level.


We go to trade shows for one of our products.  We are able to keep up with everyone over the year just by having an account and managing a group.  We use it to make our tradeshows more relevant to our audience and keep up on new trends.  We can also answer a lot of pre-sales questions to make the buying process that much faster at the show.


We have posted ideas that we would spend 3 months implementing and find out people would rather have something else or it was of higher importance at that time.  So our attention focused on that for the next three months.


A business page is  used for people to become fans of, and individually we reach the appropriate parties.


Our personal profiles are kept up to date showing the value we bring to the industry.  Linkedin’s true power is to dig into the industry and recommend the right people to associate with.  Many of the people we talk to at the shows automatically pop up and are easily found.


Don’t forget to personalize your business page and add a link to your website.

A Better Web,

Brandon Roach