Just a Cup of Coffee, Please!

By Brandon Roach August 24, 2012

Just a Cup of coffee

Pursuit of a perfect cup

Instantly the mood changing into an inspired adventure for the time. Senses instantly perking being delighted by numerous tasting effects. Inspired by simple things is truly hard. Surrounded by Cascadia spoils I have definitely become a coffee snob, or have I. People have devoted their energies into extracting the perfect amount of flavor to the perfect amount of water at the right temperature to this drink. Is it snobbish to enjoy the fruit of their labors.

I hear Iowans brag about their corn or Idahoans their potatoes, Texans their beef (and everything else). But how many regions can actually take their claim to be a vital part of mornings and social interactions, not to mention one of the free benefits in offices around the world. Every social dinner at the end is offered this exquisite beverage, most get togethers have that shiny metal carafe. Not to many others can brag about their fame into everyday work and have it found every where. Most coffee houses are a notorious place to have meetings or first conversations.

The concentration that can be put into a bean to bring forth its ultimate best takes a lot of dedication and discipline. Everyday this is looked past and enjoyed by majority of the population.

Devices that provide excellent extraction get bought up right away by big retail chains like the Clover and we have not seen it since. If you are lucky enough to know a coffee shop with one, what a treat you are in for. At 6 or more bucks a cup it is worth trying.

Smelling the aroma on a gloomy drenched cluttered day can bring momentum to a callous attitude. A caveat for something better to happen. A partner to inspire to get the next task finished and to show up with a little attitude at the next meeting.

The art that goes into this cup should not be taken lightly. Starting first with what kind of coffee do I want to drink, straight up espresso, velvety cappuccino, a luscious macchiato, skip the snack and give me a latte, I worked out so make it a mocha with flavor. Wait you said mocha is it just syrup your having no not in the northwest, this is fine imported chocolate melted down and matched to a perfect espresso, no no no you got it all wrong I just want coffee.

Let’s go down that road for our first cup of the day. Give me drip and does your brewer keep a perfect 190 degree temp threw the entire process or overheat, seriously. Oh no I am French give me the full press, do you have your water to the perfect temp, seriously again. A perfect press the coffee needs to be tempt, did you, please tell me you did. Now don’t go a bit over the allotted time I want to see that perfect crust of yumminess before I press it down.

Wait a pour over is what I am in the mood for don’t forget to heat my mug first and pour it slow enough to extract every ounce of goodness. Is this filtered or not. Do you have any more options like a chemex or vac pot.

Wait maybe we skipped the first step what kind of origin did I want and how dark is the roast now I can choose the method of coffee I want. Let me make sure this was roasted within the last seven days. What notes are in each origin please tell me then I will no for sure what I want this morning. Espresso roast well I can only put that through the espresso machine can’t I??? Wait I can put any kind of roast through an espresso machine to bring out different flavors. Who made your espresso machine and does it extract properly.

You as a barista how many years experience do you have and what color should the espresso be when it comes out of the porta filter. Are you doing a traditional Italian shot or the much more modern technique making it a double per shot. Did you way my espresso before tamping it and did you tamp it with enough strength. That barista knows there stuff there tamping method was perfect.

How are you going to grind the beans only a burr grinder that does not heat up while it is grinding will do for me. For my press make sure it is coarse enough, I want a Turkish night cap, that stuff better be like powdered sugar, my espresso a little above. Put it somewhere in the middle for my drip machine, but not to far left or right. Let’s play around for different applications like the stove stop espresso maker. First(no this is now way down the last step) how long ago were those beans roasted, is the roast appropriate to the brewing method? Not to oily are they that usually means they have been sitting around and not properly consumed. Please give me my perfect cup of joe.

It is ninety degrees out I want iced coffee. Sound the sirens there is an entirely different methodology for getting an iced coffee. Do you want your coffee out of the draft or bottle. Did you brew it for longer than twelve hours. Did you happen to go through a triple brew process? I have coffee ice cubes nice touch as it helps with the water down of the ice. Some baristas can even pair the perfect espresso to milk I’ve had it and it is amazing. I do like the shake method, but please give it a stir so the drink doesn’t separate so fast. I just can’t drink my iced espresso’s fast enough to keep from the separation.

Spoiled, maybe, but this is just one of the treasures we have of living in the cascades. Truly there is a unique coffee experience to have every day. With new roasters continually cultivating relationships with growers who are focused on the same care of their crop, this keeps getting better and better.

Serious coffee in the northwest is a perfect partner for me so yes when I drink my cup of coffee accompanying any activity, I get an influx of creativity knowing what went into that cup. Here’s to appreciating what we do in our own lives and to appreciate passions of others to be shared by everyone.

This is what I call social networking from ground to cup. Coffee plays a vital role in culture. So enjoy the art and let it influence your life.

A Better Life,
Brandon Roach