Instagram with your website

By Brandon Roach April 5, 2013

Instagram with your website

Instagram with your website

Just saw an email from Klout that they have integrated Instagram into their score. I thought this would be a good time to review this little addictive app. For the past few years everyone has seen images with stunning effects. Then for most of us we would pass it off oh it’s just photoshopped while with a little envy of easily adding the creations to our own images. Now we don’t have to bust out over $500 for software to achieve effects on our smartphones.

Instagram has taken the most used effects in popular photography and made the free for the masses. Garnering so many followers that they even got Facebook to buy the company. I have seen very creative business use out of the application. Taco Bell even made a full budget commercial using nothing but instagram photos. I have seen various companies do Instagram shoots that let users submit photos and get voted. Picture with the highest rating or vote gets various prizes or services from the company.

Tools such as Instagram are effective to build excitement for events. If you are attending events it is an easy way to let people know you are at an event to increase exposure.

Brands use Instagram to showcase products, services, events or just a behind-the-scenes look through a feed of photos, instead of a slew of text. The photo sharing application for iPhone uses dazzling image filters, and features cross-posting to other social networks including Twitter, Facebook profiles, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr and Posterous.

Instagram is still not available for Android, and the application doesn’t integrate with Facebook brand pages. What it does do is make your pictures look good –really good. For me, Instagram feels like a safe space, where I can sift through gorgeous real-time photo updates from friends, family and my favorite shoe company, all in one place.

A better web,
Brandon Roach