HTML5 or HTML 5 however you spell it, it’s here to stay!

By Brandon Roach August 10, 2012


Back to HTML, generally the first markup language a web designer has learned. It did not take long to find out that if you wanted to do anything efficient, application oriented that your skills had to fast move past HTML.

Now HTML has revenge and gives developers a set of tools to accomplish endless capabilities, including a local database. It is also bringing XHTML into the fold so we don’t have competing acronyms and can focus on a complete language.

HTML5 offers canvas support for scalable graphics allowing for a plethora of capabilities.

Built in audio and video player (this is huge, this use to take a lot of back and forth with our clients, now there is a standard player.)

Drag and Drop functionality without using any 3rd party installed software.

Geo location which will let are analytics really get dialed in as we can have more specific detail of where mobile users are coming from.

Replaces a lot of maintenance by the user, by getting rid of 3rd party technologies that used to have to be updated in every browser you had now there is one update and a lot of less technical difficulties that take place due to a 3rd party vendor.

Definitely a game changer HTML5 is not going away and will affect how websites are being built and rebuilt. If current initiatives do not involve HTML5 I would highly recommend you reconsider.