Chilly Hilly 2013

By Brandon Roach February 25, 2013


a broken cleat

Waking up to lethargic bones and muscles that, well haven’t been used in months.  Usual routine decent breakfast included with the hotel.  Nobody riding with me this year so I am a little behind schedule as there wasn’t that extra push of starting at a committed time.  Bike computer ready, no clue how to use the GoPro HERO 3 so just winging it.  Done this before so clothes were covered ski socks, 205 series pants and undies.  This long sleeved merino wool shirt 200 series bike zip up hoodie.  My wife gave me some North Face gloves for Christmas that work with my Iphone put those on underneath my bike gloves.  And a full face hoodie with eye and mouth opening only.


Bring on the elements.  Headed down the Chilly Hilly hill to the start line got halfway and had to turn around forgetting to give my wife the car key so she could meet me afterwards.  Nice half mile hill climb extra to start the day trying to keep a good attitude.  Alright that was done now it’s finally time to start.  Headed down the mile long hill to start at the ferry docks with the rest of the 4,000 riders coming over on the ferries.  Man I thought the start was going to be a little easier as I have been doing light elliptical the past three weeks, but there is no help for the body when there is no preparation put in.


Grinding out the first five feeling shamed for another winter passed.  I turn to my good old faithful mindset of just getting it done.  Finally getting a view of the sound and the fog covered emerald city it’s the reason I choose to cycle.  Sights, sounds, elements you can’t experience any other way.  For 2 out of 4 years I somehow got stuck in between the frog brigade a great bunch of people enjoying the ride with different frog paraphernalia put on.


Climb a little hill and my legs are really feeling it, then go down a hill with a sharp right turn to the steepest hill of the day.  Lost any momentum getting caught with a group and had to slow get to the hill and through my chain down  shifting.  While changing a guy stopped and offered gloves as I already committed to the chain with my nes gloves it was too late.  He gave me a pair for later.  One thing I love about being a biker is instant camaraderie with each other.  They were just the blue latex gloves, but will definitely make these part of my ride pack.  Now only a short mile to the next hill then to Battle point park.  Had to walk the hill only 16% grade but couldn’t make it.


Another lesson on the biking journey my cleats on my sidi shoes broke off one from each side made it to the ride support my cleat was one of the ones they were out of.  Well had to face it would not be able to finish this one.  The best of the ride was yet to be had, the hardest finished, but not for me.  It’s great to get some miles in, but I need to figure out a winter routine.  I left last year very strong and now left myself with a lot of building to do.  Come May I will have the answers.

The good and bad thing about biking is you can’t hide.  Your results will show.  The work you put in will show.  How you have kept up will show.  The next ride is coming get ready for it or you will be in pain.  I am awakening again for 2013 to these facts and it could be the very reason I keep get drawn back to it.  Off to the boat for our favorites in Seattle.  It was Chilly and it was Hilly.

The Ride,

Brandon Roach