Website Development What it’s not

It’s not installing WordPress or other type of system and switching between free templates It’s also not: ….a tumblr page ….a Facebook page ….a twitter account ….Frontpage (had to add this from my oldschool days) ….business catalyst ….Dreamweaver ….Microsoft Webmatrix ….a .psd document ….a .ai document   with tools that publish static content. Coming what

Form on Website

Creating a custom form on your site is seriously only a phone call away. 877.944.6006 or [email protected] Having a custom form on website allows you to capture unique data and store it for future use.  Using it for company inquires is a big one websites don’t even take advantage of.  Example: Having an easy way

Beyond WordPress

There is something about sitting down with somebody and learning how they do things that invigorates me.  Just a little different thinking here and there leading to great differences in success.  Cirv’s part of the picture is to say your website should be the same way.  Don’t sit down and brainstorm your website and be

Social Website Marketing: Maintenance to be Productive

For me updating social website marketing is something I like to do when I have down time.  Like waiting in the airport, for a meeting, or at the DMV ….uggh.  I maintain a list on Asana (there are lots of tools to use).  Then jotting ideas or moving on to ideas put on my todo

Organic and Sustained SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: A short view of methodology All seo companies are not the same.  If you talk to a few of them it gets really confusing.  I spend a lot of time updating my skills and reading what others have to say about search engine optimization.  I would title the Cirv approach as a

The Face of Conversation

A gray melodramatic day with mellow tones drowning out the divine quad shot mocha in front of me.  Why haven’t I heard from my fellow friends in awhile I need to call and catch up.  A phone call that was cut very short.  I realized they knew everything that was going on and that has

Website Analytics for your Business

Website analytics for small business. Analytics can be a very useful tool to judge effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.  It’s the adage if the phone doesn’t ring what am I listing my ads all over the place for.  Are you increasing business with existing money being put towards your website. A couple of major

Content Development and Marketing

Content on your website has evolved a lot since the first days of your website.  No longer can you stay competitive with a five page website.  Competitors are moving fast and while speed is not my concern with content, substance is.  It is exciting to hear about a new brand and delve into it.  As

New Feature: LinkedIn Mentions

LinkedIn I am so glad it made it through the MySpace and Facebook to distinguish itself as the go to tool for business networking. The past four years I have been following Linkedin rather closely to see if it would be a tool I would be comfortable using and promoting to my clients. Not a

Instagram with your website

Just saw an email from Klout that they have integrated Instagram into their score. I thought this would be a good time to review this little addictive app. For the past few years everyone has seen images with stunning effects. Then for most of us we would pass it off oh it’s just photoshopped while