Authenticity’s Time

By Brandon Roach October 27, 2010

To get started I don’t know how I have been able to stay away from the online world of everyone knowing everything right now, whether you want them to or not.  Nine years after starting a pure digital company, isn’t about time I become more digital?  I live in a fascination that I have pure privacy, trying to hold on to the  ideal as everything goes by.  This becomes a  near impossible feat.


So if I am going to venture into a public world of sharing my thoughts knowing they are one degree from separation to, well anyone.  I am going to do it my way.  A way that at least holds on to some truth of authenticity. I ponder the enthusiastic notion with a question, is it possible?


I have coached people and transformed a business for the last four years on becoming found the fastest for whatever word you needed now, but have always stayed true to an idealism of what I think is authentic.


Call it my surroundings up here in the northwest, but I do hold on to the truth that there is still infinite amounts of originality left in the world, why would you take from anywhere else other than yourself?  My first truth that I will hold true to and encourage all to do is to be authentic.  To yourself and those you hope will find you.  Look around we are so different in ways we can’t put an equation to.  It is pro-founding to listen to ten people order coffee at your local barista.  Unless maybe they are all together as a group each order will be different, variant so. Can’t these same variations be used in delivering unique messages through all mediums given to us.  My thought here is to give your originality that you use for your delicious coffee (or preferred scrumptious beverage) and be unique in the ways that engage the social realm of life.  I will do my best to give you my unparalleled take on life and be as pure as I am able to grasp on to this first truth.


There is something compelling when you stumble upon someones words.  All of a sudden you are hit with a fresh delivered prospective miles apart from your local news cast.  You come upon crafted put together phrases and you are inspired.  With emergent force you have received sound advice to make your next decision, purchase, or meal.  These are all things you take and share with those closest to you.  And don’t let my last sentence box your topics in, I firmly believe that any business, passion, or daily activity can have Authentic Content.


A brief note about authenticity (it is inspired from within you on how you see things, how you do things, how your piece fits into the big puzzle called life).  On whatever social tools you are using strive to give your fresh take on things with purpose and consistency.


I give into the belief that we all can offer someone else value by being ourselves and letting someone else into your life, to open up for debate and let people know why you have a passion for waking up everyday.  Take a sample from the fifteen closest people you know and closely look at the many different things everyone heads out to do in their day.  Minus a date, family outing, or vacation all are going in different directions to do vastly different tasks that life brings us to conquer.  Could it be that those immense tasks that differ us are what brings us all together to be even closer.


Most of the closest people I know own a different business or two, are close to family, or accomplish cool things in their daily routine.  All of these people I call friends are very passionate about what they do and can go into detail what it is they spend most of their time away from people doing. I see them light up when I start asking about their daily life. All of my friends have a lot to offer people that relate to them, so isn’t time that maybe all of us take a little more time to share a passion, I am sharing my passion to be authentic and to receive authenticity from you.


Let’s start up a conversation and be geniune with one another.  Please join me on my road to becoming more open with what has been given to me.  My hope is to help people become inspired and lead someone to a better place than they were before they key-worded upon this.

Be Authentic,

Brandon Roach